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Some steps in the construction of a weathervane.

Wing section of the Pegasus Weathervane:
Wing Section of Pegasus Weathervane

Hair sections:
Hair Sections

Body section:
Body Section

All the pieces together. The yardstick in the picture helps to illustrate just how truly large this weathervane is:
How it comes together

These photos show some of the unfinished and finished sections of the pegasus weathervane. These represent only half of each section. In other words, for each section seen here, another side in reverse must be hammered out, then both sides are soldered together carefully and precisely. Since all of my weathervanes are free hand hammered, each side of each section will be slightly different. This adds to the charm and assures that each piece will always be unique.

All Weathervanes Include:
  • Steel Spire
  • Copper Ball
  • Set of Bronze Directionals
(Stainless Steel Spire available
for an additional charge)

All images and artwork © 1995-2009 Edwin B. Waskiewicz