All weathervanes and sculptures are custom made by Edwin B. Waskiewicz to the customer's exact specifications. Each weathervane has been crafted by Ed by hand on request and is not immediately available for purchase (some weathervanes and sculptures available on our Etsy store: EBWMetalworks), although if you fall in love with one of the examples, he will be happy to make another one like it for you.

Weathervanes or sculptures are made to customer specifications. To start the process of ordering a custom weathervane or sculpture, call or email with your ideas. Whether you know exactly what you want or only have a vague idea, Ed will work with you to create the perfect work of art for your needs.

Once you have settled on designs, a price, and a date of completion, a contract is signed and partial payment is made up front to secure materials and ensure payment on completion of work. After that it is a matter of waiting. Once the project is completed, your sculpture will be very carefully packaged and shipped to you in the best way possible for the size of the art, or if you are in the New England area you may stop by to pick it up and admire the other projects Ed is working on.


The pricing for a weathervane or sculpture can be anywhere from $500 to over $10,000 depending on the size and complexity of the project. All weathervanes include a steel spire, a copper ball, and a set of bronze directionals. Due to the constantly fluctuating cost of copper, brass, and other materials used in construction, and because each weathervane is custom made, it is best to call or write for a free estimate for your particular project.


Because each weathervane is freehand hammered and made to order, it can take two to four weeks to complete each piece from the date it is placed in the schedule. The lead time is usually 8 to 10 months, however there are sometimes gaps where a smaller, less complex project could be worked in. If necessary, the mounting hardware can be sent at the time the order is placed allowing for immediate installation. Then, when the weathervane is completed, it and the directionals and ball will simply slide down and lock into place.

Weathervanes & Sculptures

"Although my work varies greatly in subject matter, what does give it uniformity is transferring those subjects into my medium. I see something in nature or in architecture, for example, and I visualize how it will look in copper, brass or stainless steel." - Edwin B. Waskiewicz

All weathervanes and sculptures are available either swell-bodied or full-bodied, and in any size, style or finish including natural copper, verdigris green, leaded copper and gold leaf. Weathervanes come with a steel spire (stainless steel available on request for an additional charge), copper ball and set of bronze directionals.